Robert Batt

Robert is a mature Masters student at Darwin College, Cambridge. He has a previous Masters Degree in Psychology and is an entrepreneur in the field of Mental Health care. In 2006 he founded The Recovery Centre in London, where his team of 14 provides innovative Mental Health support for young people. TRC is London’s only private adolescent daycare programme. He has lectured in the U.S., Asia and Europe, providing insights into the Family Dynamics that occur in wealthy families.

Robert is passionate about the concept of preventing Mental Health issues through early interventions, hence his founding of CAM A.I. which aims to bring very early interventions to adolescents worldwide through the use of A.I. innovation.

When he is not working with his team in London or studying at Cambridge he enjoys fixing old cars in his workshop at home.

Roger de Belsunce

Roger researches in theoretical cosmology at the University of Cambridge. Prior to the UK, he was educated in physics at ETH Zurich and Stanford. He enjoys coding and playing squash in his free time.

Dr Daniel Jackson 

Dan is a Consultant Psychiatrist specialising in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. He has experience of inpatient and outpatient settings dealing with a range of disorders, including; Mood disorders, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Eating disorders and Neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Dan graduated in medicine from The University of Birmingham and is a member of The Royal College of Psychiatrists. He completed a Masters in Philosophy and Ethics of Psychiatry and has a BSc in Public Health. Dan has a keen interest in medical education, with roles as Honorary Clinical Tutor and Lecturer on the MRCPsych course as well as Honorary Clinical Tutor at The University of Birmingham and Honorary Lecturer at The University of Warwick.

Dan emphasises the importance of understanding a person’s difficulties along with the meaning this has in their life in order to help formulate and supportively treat their symptoms. He has had training in a range of psychological approaches, such as Psychodynamic Interpersonal Therapy, Play Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Dr Paul Flower

Dr Paul Flower trained as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, after an earlier career as a public sector economist. He had many years experience of working with children and families in a wide variety of clinical settings, while developing a special interest in Eating Disorders, including the setting up and direction of a major residential treatment centre for young people.

Other interests have included research into evaluation of service effectiveness, and organisational development with senior NHS managers.

More recently his clinical interests have focused on psychotherapeutic treatment of older adolescents and adults, particularly those with problems which that have seemed somewhat intractable and hard to resolve.

He is a Founder and Co-Director of The Child and Family Practice.

Beth Anfilogoff

Beth ​is currently in her second year of her professional doctorate in Counselling Psychology. She has an undergraduate degree in English Literature from Kings College London and a master’s degree in Psychology. Her final thesis was an investigation into the interaction of high net-worth, identity and mental health in young people and earned her a Distinction. 


She has completed training in Psychotherapy and Psychology at Regent’s University London, where she is studying for her doctorate. Her areas of interest are the experiences of psychological distress in "emerging adulthood" (the ages between 18-25), third wave CBT and existential psychotherapy.  

Ben White

Ben White is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and sold more than $1billion dollars worth of businesses.


A well-known technology entrepreneur, Ben has previously founded four successful businesses (RBR Networks, Star Internet, MessageLabs and Notion Capital) turning them all into market leaders. Star was founded in 1995 as one of the UK’s first ISP’s and then developed a successful suite of technology services for businesses. Star was acquired by Claranet in 2012 for £55m.

In 2000, Ben founded MessageLabs to scale up the anti-virus technology that had been developed within Star Internet. Ben led MessageLabs to be a global market leader in messaging security and a true pioneer in the exploding Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry. Towards the end of 2008 MessageLabs was acquired by Symantec for approximately $700M.

In 2009 Ben co-founded Notion Capital and focused his time on supporting European technology start-ups and other investment interests.